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Online Blackjack at Spin Palace New Zealand

Looking for a card game as exciting as it is action-packed; one that offers winning chances better than you thought were possible? Look no further than Spin Palace’s online Blackjack games powered by Microgaming!

When they first encounter the online casino games that also go by the alias of 21, many Kiwi players who have only ever played pokies suspect the combination of chance and strategic play is too good to be true. It is not. There are only so many cards in a shoe, which means that, if you know your strategy, you know how to deal with pretty much any combination of cards.

This element is precisely what makes 21 so thrilling, and what sets it apart from online pokies, online Roulette, and other favourites. Knowing that it is not just down to Lady Luck, that you really do have a fighting chance, means you can really get involved in the action. Find out why the game is the world’s most popular card game when you play it at our New Zealand online and mobile casino.

Introducing Online Blackjack

The experts think the origins of online Blackjack lie somewhere in 16th century Europe. The game appears to have developed from earlier ones, and its earliest recorded mention is in a Spanish novel of the time.

The gameplay remained relatively unchanged, until it was introduced to North America, which is where a few other casino games, such as the one you can now enjoy as online Roulette at Spin Palace, also underwent a few modifications.

This essentially resulted in the 2 classic European and American variations, each of which have the power to set your spine a-tingling. Your goal is to beat the online or mobile casino games dealer to 21 points.

In the European variation, the dealer gets 1 face-up card to start. In the American one, the dealer gets 2 cards, one of which is face-up. The dealer might be able to check the value of their full hand right at the start.

If the hand you are dealt is an automatic 21, it is a Blackjack – the best hand you could have. If it is not, things get a bit more interesting.

Beat the Dealer to Win

If your online Blackjack hand is not worth the ultimate winning number of points, the first thing you should do is take note of how close it is to 21. You also should consider the dealer’s 1 face-up card.

Standing, or playing your dealt hand, is a good option if trying to improve the total; however, this could result in you going bust (exceeding 21 points). If your total is close enough to the winning number to be an almost sure-thing, you can consider doubling down, which is to double your bet and play your hand.

However, if the total is low enough for you to improve the total safely, you can hit (take another card), or you can split your hand into the foundations of 2 new hands, and play them consecutively. The dealer’s full hand, along with the winner, is then unveiled; a moment that adds even more intensity to the already heart-racing action.

New Zealand’s Best Blackjack

An incredibly thrilling game such as online Blackjack demands to be given the special treatment, and that is exactly what Microgaming does. The pokies and other offerings waiting for you at Spin Palace feature graphics, animations and other effects that will pull you right into the experience, so you do not miss out on a thing. Play New Zealand’s best online casino games with us.

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